I have very fond memories of travelling with my Mom and Dad on weekends.  See...my Mom and Dad had their own band and toured many of the Air Bases around the country.  At 5, my parents started me with music lessons on accordian and then piano.  My Dad has always had music stores for most of my life and, of course, I would spend most of my days after school practicing away on classical pieces.  As Mom was getting ready for her performance, I would watch her use this wonderful, sparkling face powder.  Oh my...I was hooked!  Dad would take me to various restaurants and have me stand on top of the tabletops with my accordian and perform for all of the smiling faces.  Now, you have to think...at 5 years old, I was very shy so if someone chuckled or smiled at me in just a certain way, I would believe them to be laughing at me which, of course, would make me burst into tears.  Needless to say, I got over that quickly, and have loved the stage ever since.
Being that my father was a naturally gifted songwriter, I felt that I needed to follow in his shoes and so I  began writing my first song when I was very young.   Well, the years went by and I started listening to different genres of music and latched onto R&B...WOW!  I really found my home with R&B.  Then later...I found jazz...COOL!!  I found another home.  I would listen to artists ranging from Aretha Franklin to Duke Ellington.  Something about the mood that the sounds created inside me that compelled me to practice and if nothing else...just to feed my own soul. 

I travelled with my parents for years as a child and then after graduating from high school decided to begin college studying music performance.  After studying for so long, I got itchy to perform again.  Some of you may remember the great theme park here in Nashville...Opryland U.S.A..  Well, I sang, danced and played my way through various shows within the park for nearly 9 years.  I had an offer to perform with Little Miss Dynamite "Brenda Lee" in 1991 and had the time of my life.  Incredible!!  Met and played with some great musicians while on the road because we travelled not only in the U.S. but abroad as well for which she still has a booming market.  While performing with Brenda Lee is where I met Bob Babbitt, Dave Powelson and Jimmy Bowland. Jimmy is a phenomenal sax player and it's a real treat to have him sit in with the trio when he's available. 
I think I've always had a strong desire to get my voice out there to people because most seem to be so moved by my music and it appears to be therapy for them, as well as for me, and that makes me so happy.  I feel I've been blessed with this gift and I have nurtured it throughout the years.
Don't forget to check out where I'll be performing  and I look forward to seeing all of you there.  Love and Peace.