Because of her strong family roots in music (her father, Chuck Harding, wrote many hit tunes for such artists as Hank Thompson and Johnny Cash), she has a special way of touching hearts through her songwriting not to mention her interpretations of other artists' tunes.  She has surrounded herself with great musicians that have the same ability to convey their music in a way that feeds the listeners' appetite.
After studying music performance at Belmont University in Nashville, Teresa has had the opportunity to travel and perform extensively throughout the world with such artists as Brenda Lee, Fats Domino, Lee Greenwood, The Everly Brothers and many more.  Presently, she is working on increasing exposure on a National and International level.  Her trio consists of the incredible Dave Powelson on guitar, who has performed with Brenda Lee for many years. 
"Dave plays guitar the way I feel my vocals...with great intensity and passion", says Teresa.  Her husband,
Toni Collier, who provided drums and vocals for a top English band called 'The Bruvvers' and whom Teresa says is such a great asset in the trio because he knows how she's about to phrase the next vocal line before she does.  Teresa brings it all together with her keyboards and vocals. Their love for the music is conveyed to the audience, which is one reason listeners keep coming back again and again.  Many great musicians have performed with the Teresa Collier Trio including songwriter extraordinaire/guitarist Dave Powelson and Motown legendary bass player Bob Babbitt*.
The best way to sum up Teresa Colliers' voice would be sensuality and sensitivity.  "The biggest thrill when performing is revealing my soul to the audience through song and seeing how it will impact them", says Collier.  "So many people in the music business come to the city of Nashville searching for fame and fortune but there are only a few who are blessed to really have the talent to make someone stand up and take notice...
Teresa Collier is one of them", says bassist Bob Babbitt.
Bob Babbitt
Teresa Collier
Pure musical talent and a soul-felt performance that have listeners craving more are two ingredients that make Teresa Collier so unique.  Equally as proficient on piano as vocals, Teresa enjoys many different genres of music since her early performing days beginning at the age of 5, with her forte being jazz, pop and blues.